You can use the tools that are linked to this page in order to help you get the most out of your Continuing Professional Development.

The Self-assessment tool sets out the capabilities for Social Worker/ Experienced Social Worker level. This is where particular knowledge, skills and values relating to older people are most required. It asks you to reflect on how far you think you have these capabilities. This enables you to identify your strengths and your areas of development. You can then use this website to support learning in those areas.

The Supervision tool supports supervision discussions in relation to the capability statements for older people. It provides structures for critical reflection around each of the domains of the Capabilities Statement.

The Example of Use tool gives an example of how the site is used and asks you to reflect on how you could use the site in your own practice.

The Films tool provides links to films which enable reflection on social work practice with older people. The tool identifies which domains of the Capabilities Statement each film relates to. It suggests questions for critical reflection about what you have seen in order to develop your understanding.

The NICE tool sets out the recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence that relate to work with older people.

The Leaders’ Questions tool helps you to consider how you will embed the Capabilities Statement within your organisation.

The Case Studies tools are a set of blank tools that you can use in learning and development to practise elements of case work, perhaps using the Don and Madge case study. They include: a one-page profile; an ecogram; a chronology; an assessment; a carer’s assessment; a care/ support plan.

The Critical Reflection tool sets out a method of critical reflection that you can use about any aspect of your practice. It provides a structure for individual or group reflection.

The Action Planning tool can be used on your own or in a group to identify what action you will take to work differently with older people as a result of your learning and development.

The CPD Record tool can be used to record your learning and development, and its impact.


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