Case study resources

“The students like having something that is ‘real’ to apply learning to and it really seems to help them make sense of and utilise law and policy. I like how the case study covers a period of time as this absolutely reflects the reality of working with older people.” (Feedback on the case study)


Case study resources

The case study is about Don and Madge, a retired couple dealing with the consequences of ageing. The case study moves through seven time periods as their circumstances change and the responsibilities for caring develop.

The case study is designed to explore some of the complex issues associated with increasing frailty and escalating care and support needs in late life. It does not look at safeguarding or capacity as these topics are well covered in existing guidance. Instead the focus is on vital but neglected aspects of practice: the psycho-social and physical processes that underlie many of the experiences and challenges of late life; and the relational skills needed for practice that promotes prevention and well-being as required by the Care Act 2014.


How to use the case study resources

Use the drop down menu on this page, or the links on the side of each page, to click on each stage of the case study. Each stage highlights important Values and Ethics; Law and Policy; Knowledge, Evidence and Good Practice; Skills; Activities and Additional Resources. These relate to what is happening in the case study.